Do Leopard Geckos Need Light All Time?

Leopard gecko is one of the lizard species that live on the ground, and it has occurred naturally in Asia and northern India. If we talk about lightning, then it is an essential part of the life of leopard gecko as they are derived naturally, and so do they required lightening to get their life cycle balanced with the natural environment. It does not matter whether it is summer season or winter season they need balance light. In summers, they require 14 hrs of light and 10 hrs without light, and also, on the other hand, in winters, they require equal light and darkness.

So this is the basic concept of lightning in the lives of a leopard gecko, and if you are living a hectic life and want to provide the best light for a leopard gecko, then you can get installed automatic timer lights as it will automatically turn on and off the light in the tank. It is a species of a reptile, so it needs to have balanced light and darkness in its life. It is not necessary to throw more or less light as you should, it is like to be dusk and dawn for the leopard gecko.

You can provide them ultraviolet light, but you should not because it can make some changes in the body of leopard gecko as it is a naturally occurring species. Reptiles should only be provided artificial light so that their lifestyle should be maintained.

Why should you not provide ultraviolet light to leopard gecko?

Do Leopard Geckos Need Light All Time?

As we know that leopard gecko is an occurring natural reptile, and it might require UVB, but it is wrong because there are many factors states that UVB is harmful to gecko in some ways. The eyes of the gecko are so beautiful, but also, it is so sensitive that it can be harmed by UVB, and it is the same goes for the skin. You can provide low light to your gecko if you want your gecko to be healthy and fine. Providing harsh light can be dangerous to the skin of the gecko, so you should use LED or low light bulbs in case of providing light to your gecko. People who provide bright light to their gecko are putting them in trouble because bright light can hurt their eyes in a bad way.

In what ways can you maintain gecko’s tank?

The tank is a home for a leopard gecko, and you should maintain it in a way that will make your gecko happy. Gecko is a species of reptile that rarely climbs, so you should choose a tank that is long in size and not much higher because gecko can walk around in the tank comfortably. Always keep your tank covered so that your gecko should come out of the tank easily as it can run away without letting you know.

If you are confused about the shape of the tank, then you can use an aquarium shaped tank, in that you can provide an essential thing to your gecko easily. You can use automatics light in the tank that can make your work easy, and you have to make sure that the tank is holding heat inside, which can make the living of your gecko easy and comfortable. It is strictly recommended to not to use wire in the tank as it can put your gecko in danger, on the other hand, you should keep it way simple and uncomplicated for leopard gecko.

How can daylight be essential for your gecko?

Do Leopard Geckos Need Light All Time?

Leopard gecko gets to sleep most of the time in the day, but it is essential to provide them a source of heat. You can provide them a light source that can also keep the tank warm by providing heat. You should keep them away from the natural light as there can be UVB present that can make the life of your gecko tough to live. Heat plays a vital role in the life of gecko as their body requires heat to survive, or else they can die, that is why light is essential in the tank as it can heat up the tank perfectly.

According to you, if you think that gecko is not getting suitable heat, then you should use a heater for them as heater will definitely be going to provide heat to your gecko. Multiple lights in the tank will save you from buying heater because more than 2 or 3 lights will definitely be going to make your gecko heat up, you can provide more light at the time when they are sleeping.

Need special care in the night time

It is crucial to provide the best light for a leopard gecko, and you have to take care of it, especially at night time. Gecko is awake in the night time, which means their eyes are open in the night time so you should use night bulbs, which will be the best for the eyes of gecko. Heat should be provided in the day time that you do not have to worry about using harsh lights in the night time. In some cases providing heat in the day, time cannot happen in that case, you can use heater under the tank as it will help in providing heat without light. You can buy the automatic heater so that they can get automatically activated in the night time and heat up the tank for your leopard gecko.

Things you should take care of checking out the temperature

Do Leopard Geckos Need Light All Time?

Temperature or heat cannot be checked via bare hands, so if you are having issues in checking the temperature, then thermometers are for your help. You should place at least 2 thermometers on the tank so that it can let you know about the temperature, and by that, you can easily come to know about the heat inside the tank. A digital thermometer can show you the exact result that can fade away the confusion of measuring heat inside the tank. Thus, you can make the life of your gecko living easy in the tank without any danger or harm.