Create a safe area for your catMake arrangements for the cat to live

While your kittens won’t need to be in the carrier (unless you are transporting or needing to be kept in a carrier or a temporary cat carrier to keep the kittens safe), it would be a good idea to You create a safe space for your cat. This space should be out of reach of other pets and children in the house. You can choose an unused bedroom that is a safe place for your little kitten; And you will need to put some additional essentials in the cat’s room.

Place a cat litter tray / containerMake arrangements for the cat to live

Your kitten will need to learn to defecate in the litter box / litter box you keep indoors. (Don’t worry! This is actually easier than you think about training a kitten to use a litter box / litter box). Buy a litter box / litter box for cats that will fit your cat’s baby’s size so that the kitten can easily climb inside. This litter box / litter box you will need to vary depending on your cat’s future size. In addition, you should buy litter cat litter. It’s best to check with the rescue station or previous caregiver to find out what kind of sand they use for the little cats. This will make the cat feel more familiar and your kitten will more likely use this type of sand.

Prepare food and waterMake arrangements for the cat to live

Your baby cat will need to be drinking clean water, find a small plate of water for the cat, the kind that cats cannot overturn. The cat dish should be heavy on the bottom and not too high for the cat to drink easily when the cat is young and will not tip over if the cat puts its paws on the edge of the dish or puts its feet in the plate.

Prepare items for the cat to scratchMake arrangements for the cat to live

If your kitten wants to scratch the claws, you should prepare the cat with specialized tools so that the cat can scratch the nail comfortably, otherwise the cat will scratch on indoor objects such as carpets, furniture, walls … Some cats like items that can scratch upright or some cats prefer flat objects on the floor. You should observe how your cat often scratches his paws, then you can choose the right scratching tool for your cat.

Prepare more room for the cat to climbMake arrangements for the cat to live

Cats are climbing animals, they will always climb on indoor objects such as cabinets, shelves, even curtains to satisfy this hobby, which will definitely cause scratches and damage. household. So you must be equipped with specialized equipment so that the cat can climb as much as possible, and at the same time can extend the “life” of the equipment in the house. The cat-tree would be the perfect choice in this situation, you should place the cat-tree near the window so that the cat can climb up and see the outside world.