Cats under 6 weeks of agekitten

If the cat knows how to eat, it should not be fed too soon (the cat’s weak digestive system, if it has to work early, will develop many intestinal diseases later).
Since your baby is not able to use the toilet on her own, you need to gently rub the vagina with a soft cloth to help the cat go to the toilet.

Cats from 6 weeks oldkitten

Do not feed bones too early because the digestive system is not good.
You can get into the habit of feeding your cat and sleeping at this stage.

General note

Daily sun exposure for 30-45 minutes to increase calcium absorption (between 7- 9am, should not be exposed after 10 hours)
Change your cat’s clean water every day
During the first 8 weeks of life, the kittens need to be with the mother and her siblings to learn important skills. If they are split up too early, they may lose those skills.
If your cat is not digesting raw milk, or has diarrhea, call your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Bathe only after the kitten is 1 month old and bathing should be avoided.
In order for your cat – your pet to be healthy, take care and love them very carefully. Wish you have a cat that is always healthy!